anna leone // 'wondering'

anna leone has returned with her first release in two years. an emotional track, 'wondering' beautifully showcases the artist's unique and powerful vocals and raw, vulnerable lyrics. listen here:

leone bought a guitar at a young age with only the intentions of covering songs by the likes of bon iver, lana del rey and laura marling. however, she soon found her own voice and an aptitude for poignant songwriting that fostered an international audience that continues to grow today.

"i've been going back and forth recently trying to decide whether i should start releasing new songs. my music is very much about isolation and being disconnected, and i've been kind of questioning if that's the energy i should put out into the world right now." anna says. "i think ultimately though, the songs are about isolation but they're also about healing, and i can only hope that's what people take away from them. i've been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time and this album is sort of the culmination of all those feelings. i still can't listen to it all the way through without crying, which is painful but also a good thing, i think. it feels cathartic."

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