another sky // 'all ends'

four-piece another sky have released new single 'all ends' from their upcoming debut album, 'i slept on the floor', out on 7th august via fiction records. opening with simple rhythms, guitar and catrin vincent's remarkable vocals, the track grows from a beautiful, melancholy, intro into a hauntingly stunning electronic piece.

"we wrote 'all ends' in a dark place. as a kid, i was bullied, so i movied to london to try and prove everyone wrong." vincent says. "in london, i saw a mural on the wall that said 'we are only individuals in the context of each other' and i realised my whole worldview had to change."

"'i slept on the floor' is an amalgamation of the ever-shifting life i have shared with another sky over the last six years, searching for resolution between my hometown-self and the self a new city brought me. it was why in 2017, at st. pancras church, another sky performed in the dark as silhouettes, big illuminated circles behind each of us.

people left asking if the singer was a woman or a man. i wanted to ask why it mattered.

"people say i sound like a man. maybe that means they'll listen."

i wanted the band to be a mirror, reflecting the darkness back at itself. i thought i had found myself in that darkness.

i grew up in a white picket fence town with a fear of beds, preferring to sleep on the floors of bathrooms in case i got sick at night. my anxiety was so suppressed, so unacknowledged by my environment that my body broke to get my attention. i became very unwell. my body tried to tell me, 'you can't mould yourself into their ideal,' but i didn't know there was an alternative. i was malleable soil instead, filling a vase, growing into a shape i couldn't see.

you can't see the walls around you if they look like the edges of the universe."

photo credit: parri thomas

"in 2013, i moved to london and thought i'd found a bigger, better vase. suddenly, i was exploding into a world of a million possibilities, but rather than finding myself bursting at the seams, i couldn't find the edges of myself at all.

just as my hometown had shaped me, so did london begin to. among the rising rents and an increasingly hostile political landscape, the pressure to define my limits grew. the world didn't stop breaking me down just because i had moved on from the confines of my childhood.

i slept on the floor documents the childhood rejection we carry with us into adulthood. this album is about only understanding a place once you've left it."

live dates 2020

11 november - earth, london

19 november - think tank, newcastle

20 november - king tut's wah wah hut, glasgow

21 november - hyde park book club, leeds

26 november - the bullindgon, oxford

27 november - star & garter, manchester

28 november - the sunflower lounge, birmingham

3 december - the hope & ruin, brighton

4 december - clwb ifor bach, cardiff

5 december - the louisiana, bristol

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