barnaby keen // 'lay our cards'

songwriter and multi-instrumentalist barnaby keen has shared his debut single on new south london label plum cuts. a laid-back, groove-laden track taking inspiration from latin american music, 'lay our cards' alludes to a situation or relationship under strain, easing tensions at the chorus with the plea: "let's lay our cards down".

while experimenting with a phone app to create soundscapes, barnaby and his brother nathaniel became inspired to revive an old song of barnaby's that he had written over a bagpipe-like drone.

"i find it gets me into an imaginative place where melodies flow easily," the artist explains. "like you're staring at a flat ocean and then the waves start appearing. you can hear the drone or pedal through all of the verses - it kind of gives a tension where the harmony is changing around while it stays rooted."

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