chassol // 'rollercoaster pt. 2'

french composer and pianist chassol recently released a new single from his upcoming album, 'ludi'. 'rollercoaster pt.2' is a joyful adrenaline rush of a song, tapping into the feeling of vertigo by using exuberant piano and energetic rhythms alongside raw samples from footage of a ride in a tokyo amusement park. the video was wholly unauthorised and recorded on chassol's gopro.

"we first tried to get on the ride with our sound engineer wearing a big black trench hiding his mics, but were instantly kicked off by security", chassol says, "so my cousin and i went back two days later with a hidden gopro and were able to do two rides before they saw us filming...they chased us for 10 minutes after that...but didn't get us...that was epic".

along with the music, which pays homage to the cure's 'jumping someone else's train', the video makes for an altogether gleeful, exhilarating experience. watch the video here:

chassol has previously written for frank ocean (blonde) and produced for solange (when i get home), and now is set to release his most complete and radiant work - an ambitious, multi-disciplinary project spanning a double album, a film and a live show.

'ludi' embodies chance, vertigo, masks and competition as themes, drawing harmonies and inspiration from anything and everything, from basketball players in the suburbs to a gaming arcade in tokyo. the project will be out through tricatel on march 6, 2020.

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