fox jackson // 'behind closed doors'

london singer/songwriter fox jackson has released an intoxicating debut single 'behind closed doors'. inspired by the likes of artists such as earth, wind & fire, kool and the gang and george benson, the song incorporates rousing, funk-fuelled melodies, sultry vocals and dance-worthy beats. the result is a heady, groove-infused track that cleverly combines modern sounds reminiscent of tom misch with the old school production of quincy jones.

'behind closed doors' explores the feeling of being shut out of a relationship and pleading with your significant other to let you in. on the song, fox says "i suppose that whenever you write music, it always reflects your internal mood and what you are going through at the time."

listen here:

speaking about musician and friend nick burns, who produced the new track, fox says "we both have a love for nile rodgers and pharrell williams and what they have brought to pop music by using jazz chords and melodies in pop songs. it's what i have always gravitated to and as i quickly found out, so has nick."

with his songwriting built upon honesty and sincerity, fox says "i feel as though my songwriting is a translation exercise. translating the emotion i'm feeling at the time into words and music." the artist hopes to create a much-needed escape for his listeners into the golden age of funk, soul and disco, and his debut release certainly does not disappoint.

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