hauskey // 'slow'

perth artist hauskey has shared a colourful debut single. a short but sweet groove-heavy track with a laidback rhythm and an incredibly catchy chorus, 'slow' has an undeniable charm that certainly makes for a strong start for the aussie artist.

"a great song is like a great movie" he muses, "you become so engrossed in it that you 'become it' and forget you're even watching a movie. that's what good music should do too." listen here:

andy, aka hauskey writes, performs, and produces his songs, and while 'slow' marks a notable first step in his career, the artist has already led quite a musical life. he wrote his first songs at just thirteen years old and has kept growing in his musicality, later studying at the western australian academy of performing arts - a competitive school to get into and an expensive one to stay enrolled in. incredibly, andy made up for low funds by starting his own music school - a fully-functioning, fully staffed, multi-branch school with over 500 students.

after some time in london, andy returned to australia and set his focus to writing song after song, improving and persevering in what's now led to a strong first impression that is sure to get people interested and anxious to hear what's next.

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