introducing cavey

if you’re wondering which artists to keep an eye on in the new year, cavey is a great place to start. consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist luke cave, pianist/organist alexander chalstrey, bassist chun-ting ‘refa’ wang and drummer adrian ortman, the london-based four-piece combine elements of blues with jazzy rhythms and soulful guitar in a way that is familiar while still remaining truly distinct from a host of other emerging alternative bands.

with influences ranging from t-Bone Walker to daniel rossen of grizzly bear, the band seems to know exactly who they are and has a mature, fully formed, contemporary rock n roll sound with a reluctance to depend upon heavy production or effects.

‘the sounds may be vintage, but we aren’t trying to recreate anything,’ said cave. ‘the subject matter is real and we’re making something new’.

cavey had already begun making a name for themselves with their debut single, ‘day & night’ released in early 2018, and has only gained traction since, following up with a few more jazzy tracks, an ep and another soulful single in november. the band’s most recent release, an engaging soul ballad titled ‘about to start’, features bluesy guitar alongside cave’s crooning, warm vocals and brings into focus the disconcerting aspects of life as a musician - the side that many of us never hear about.

having already played to sold-out venues and catching the attention of publications like wonderland magazine and diy magazine, 2018 was undeniably a successful year for cavey. we’ll be looking forward to seeing what the group has in store for the new year.

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