introducing delights

It’s all in the name, right?

Adam Maxwell, Ben Squires, Ben Kirkland and Leo Willis formed their band in early 2017 and haven’t taken a break since. The promising quartet Delights released their debut EP later that same year, a completely self-made collection of tracks that are, despite the artists’ young ages, as refreshingly mature as they are catchy.

The Manchester-based four piece took inspiration from bands like Kula Shaker and Peace, but incorporate hints of psychedelic rock to create a sound that is undeniably their own. They released “Naked Heart” in early July of this year and just over a month ago, blessed listeners with “Jungle” - a tuneful number with lyrics comparing one’s mind to a jungle and a chorus so catchy you’ll be humming it for days. Wrapping up the summer, Delights then released a music video for “Jungle” that is creative, quirky and nothing short of loveable.

If you’re as excited as I am about this promising group, make sure to see them live before they really take off. Delights are kicking off their UK Tour in Newcastle on the 11th of November and will continue throughout the month. Tickets are on sale now - snag yours for their London gig on the 15th here (or check out our Live Events page).

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