introducing foxe

Despite the increasing buzz surrounding them in the “indie-sphere”, you may not have heard of FOXE yet - so here’s a chance for you to catch up.

The “fresh out of university” three-piece FOXE (pronounced ‘fox’) came together just over three years ago and released their first single “Bubblegum” not long after. The upbeat tune gained massive momentum among indie pop fans (myself included), and the band put out an endearingly quirky video to accompany it a few months later.

Since the trio's initial release, FOXE has put out another two singles, “Honeytop” and most recently, “Frequency”, a sing-along, rhythmic track that truly lives up to the band's self description as "loud guitar based indie/pop with choruses so catchy they haunt you while you sleep".

FOXE spent last year supporting The Magic Gang and RATBOY, and have played a number of their own shows around England. You can catch them at Turtle Tempo’s FOXE Fest, closing out a day of “the brightest sparks in indie music”. Check out our Live Events page for details and tickets.

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