joe nix // 'yikes'

rising london artist joe nix has released his breezy debut single 'yikes', produced by writer, engineer and producer cashy. the track is brimming with playful keys and off-the-cuff lyrics picking at the temptations of infatuation, partying and self doubt.

"it's about the culmination of lots of things, reaching a point where you feel you've been chasing something for so long, waiting for it for so long, then when the moment comes being scared as fuck! but excited as hell. it's somewhere in the tension between the two."

'yikes' available on all platforms, or listen here:

nix discovered his aptitude for relatable, disarmingly blunt songwriting by chance, often writing songs to kill time on train rides back from classes. he soon traded in his training at veterinary college for a course in music tech, solidifying a firm passion for both songwriting and creating music. he continued briefly at both the academy of contemporary music in guildford and london's institute of contemporary music, but time would reveal a growing disillusionment with the taught side of songwriting.

"i didn't want to go in the end - you could have passed the degree without doing any actual complete writing," nix confides. "anything you did write went through endless re-drafts - it ended up feeling like taught anxiety. i've got enough of that as it is, thanks!"

the artist's decision to do things his own way has paid off - 'yikes' is a fun, exciting debut that speaks loudly to nix's musicality and shows a lot of promise for the rising star.

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