keaton henson // 'career day'

keaton henson has returned with his first release since 2016's 'kindly now'. 'career day' is a beautifully moving track with intimate lyrics about the many different versions of ourselves that we carry on a daily basis. with haunting, lullabic vocals and intricately plucked guitar, the song conveys the overwhelming sense that you are of a million professions, but to one extent or another, failing slightly at them all. listen here:

'career day' is accompanied by a video comprised of personal family footage filmed when keaton was a young child.

'the video is a collection of often abstracted shots from deeply personal home videos.' the artist confides. 'i just liked the idea of hearing an ageing weary man, singing about his failings over distorted shots of his childhood, and how it colours those captured gleeful moments with the sadness of the passage of time.'

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