kinder // 'gently'

london-based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist kinder has announced his debut album 'different' and shared lead single 'gently', featuring collaborator paige bea.

arriving october 22nd, 'different' is a brave and vulnerable journey of unflinching self-reflection after the beginning and ending of both platonic and romantic relationships saw leo wyatt (kinder) indulge in destructive patterns of behaviour.

"i believe that this process, while long and drawn out, has helped me assess who i am as a human being on this planet and who i want to strive to be as i grow older." wyatt explains. "i want to be kinder, non-judgemental, forgiving and loving."

the artist kicks off his valiant exploration with heartfelt and intimate lead single, 'gently'. of the new track, the artist says:

"having been in a relationship for so long, modern dating was a complete unknown to me. it can often lead people to act like a different version of themselves. i found myself moulding my personality to make people i was dating like me."

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