king mala // 'sugarblind'

rising la artist king mala has released a sweet new single that falls somewhere between alternative rock and pop. with metaphorical lyrics and soulful, dulcet vocals, 'sugarblind' compares the desire for something sweet with feelings of lust for someone. listen here:

with themes of lust, recklessness and unapologetically badass femininity, the artist hones in on her intentions to create bold and brave music, combining her own distinct sound with a valiant deliberateness to speak her mind.

"that's really the inspiration for the name king mala, king cuz fuck being someone's queen, and mala literally means 'bad bitch' in spanish."

raised in a hispanic home, king mala is passionate about supporting the lgbtq+, poc and indigenous communities and being open about mental health. speaking about her music, she says "i hope it helps people feel okay with what they feel, i'm a person with very intense feelings and it took me a long time to realize that that's a gift not a weakness."

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