loud hound // 'melancholy boy'

east coast artist loud hound has released a candid new number narrating the artist's battles against depression and anxiety. with distorted guitar and glimmering synths, its upbeat sound heavily contrasts its more somber meaning. listen here:

"the song is kind of like an ode to myself being a sad boy and the indecisiveness that comes with incompatible love that is blinded by infatuation." loud hound confides. "...basically i really loved this girl and our relationship was awesome in the honeymoon period and then after life started settling in and we really got to know each other we just weren't really compatible. and every time we would break up, see other people, ignore each other for months and then get back together i would eventually realize that i'm running in circles and i don't really love her and i love the girl who i thought she was. and i think because of my depression and anxiety problems i often blamed myself."

the solo project of songwriter/producer tommy florio, loud hound has drawn influence from artists across all genres and eras, and the result is a sound that's assuredly his own. with themes of love, relationships, past life and coping mechanisms for depression found throughout the artist's songwriting, his songs are vulnerable, earnest and relatable.

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