mellah // 'family fun'

south london's mellah has shared a brand new single through columbia records ahead of his debut album. a fast-paced, catchy pop song with a substantial message, 'family fun' scrutinises society's failings and who is to blame for them. the track was released along with a colourful, self-directed video taking inspiration from 90s television show family fortunes. watch here:

while mellah's earlier recordings took a more conventional approach in the singer-songwriter mould, his new angular pop and raw punk sound is due to a sense of self-discovery and a desire not to be curtailed. fuelled with drive and purpose by his exasperation with the country's politics, mellah funnels his frustrations into song.

“i often feel quite a lot of anger at society and how people seem to ignore injustice just for a cup of tea and a comfy sofa." he confides. "we consume these sanitised shrink-wrapped little nuggets of reality whereas the rest of the world’s crawling around in the mud. it seems crazy to me that people aren’t angry about it, don’t want it to change.”

mellah will be headlining his biggest show to date on the 28th of october at the scala. tickets are available here.

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