mellah // 'easy breezy'

wildly talented south london artist mellah has announced three upcoming eps and shared the first works of ep number one, them, out 10 june on columbia records, with eps us and me to follow.

the initial release, 'easy breezy', is a cleverly crafted track that juxtaposes vibrant and catchy guitar licks with satirically cynical commentary on society's wilful ignorance toward injustice - a recurring theme in mellah's music.

"i often feel quite a lot of anger at society and how people seem to snub injustice as long as it's outside their picket fence." he explains, "we willingly consume these sanitised shrink-wrapped little canapés of reality, casually indifferent to the blood in the kitchen. it seems crazy to me that most people aren't angry about it, don't rally to change it."

the track is accompanied by a video styled as a 70's tv ad that warns of the imminent danger of ignoring the "elephant in the room". check it out:

them, us, and me will each include three songs and collectively be titled 333, which mellah explains as "scratching a compulsive lifelong tic", as his ocd during childhood and adolescence led to a fixation on the number 3.

"to this day i still see the world separated into 3 parts," he says. "one thing, its opposite and together the whole; the liminal space between two extremes, the point of balance, oneness in duality. for example - future, past, now; birth, death, life; good, evil...human."

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