memorial // 'love is a kind of sadness'

rising duo memorial have shared their second stirring single, 'love is a kind of sadness', via lucy rose's independent label, real kind records. the track is beautifully impactful, with intimately honest lyrics and tender, emotive harmonies playing like a lullaby that you'll want to have on repeat.

"'love is a kind of sadness' is about a plethora of ways that love can be a kind of sadness. it felt like we were writing a book at the time. half the song came so quickly and naturally, but the last verse took over a month. it felt too important to us, to let it end weakly."

"the song is very loosely conceptual. the first verse is based on a personal experience in a hotel room, that butterfly in the stomach feeling of knowing what you want, but knowing it's out of reach or forbidden and you're just tiptoeing on the line of what is acceptable. that experience inspired us to think of what else could be going on in the rooms of that hotel. we made characters out of people we knew and wrote with a similar feeling and put them all in different rooms."

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