premium leisure // 'remedies'

songwriter/producer and willie j healey guitarist chris barker has released an exciting, groove-laden track under his compelling solo project, premium leisure. the opening number from his upcoming four-track ep, "remedies" comments on society's perceptions of 'healthy living' and our obsession with what we eat, how often to exercise, and ultimately how we think we should live our lives.

"remedies considers a more laid back and outward looking mindset," chris explains, "to do what makes you, and people around you, feel good."

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'remedies' is also the inaugural release from new south london label plum cuts. the brainchild of producer oli barton-wood, the label signings will all pass through oli's little legs studio in peckham.

"i was sitting on all this great music that i'd been working on with friends, and realised it might not find its way out there unless i did something about it," oli says. "a few artists seemed reluctant to do the self-release thing because it can be daunting to take it all on, so i just thought 'screw it, why don't i just help them do it'. there's a really exciting little community of musicians and artists that come through the studio, so it feels really natural to pull them together for the label"

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