rainn byrns // 'how can i get you out of my life'

south london's rainn byrns has shared a new track, 'how can i get you out of my life', via his own imprint, byrnout records.

"i wrote it out of frustration while desperately trying to hold an old band together." byrns shares. "every time i tried to talk about scrapping it, everybody refused to let go - that is until i pulled the plug completely. the whole time i was thinking 'how can i get you our of my life?' and thus the song was born. i couldn't keep up with binge drinking every time we all hung out; i was becoming a different person who'd rather sit back, write tunes and watch the world go by. that being said, you'll still catch me potentially slaughtered at gigs."

"the meaning has changed over time." he adds. "we've all grown up, and nowadays it's about my inner saboteur. i hope people can relate to the song, there are lots of things we don't need in our lives right now."

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