sabiyha // 'love me alone'

emerging south london artist sabiyha has released a powerful new single following her successful debut. an unapologetic anthem of self love, 'love me alone' is bursting with the artist's gorgeously distinct, affecting vocals and lyrics responding to, in her own words, "these f*#k boys with the worst intentions, who would make me feel it was my fault they were acting shady." listen here:

"i'm someone who embraces sexuality, however, that does not give people a free pass to treat me like an object. the behaviour of the men i was meeting made me feel 'like poison', assuming i'm someone that i'm not. i was taking that narrative on and near enough shaming myself." sabiyha confides. "i wanted to hear remorse from these guys. this song basically says 'i'm over this bullsh*t, i'm not letting this affect my self-worth; i'll love me'. we all have moments where our self esteem waivers, and we question ourselves as people. this doesn't indicate weakness, but the many shades of light and dark that we experience and how we can work through it."

cut from the same cloth as the artist's gutsy debut 'choorile', sabiyha's push for resilience and self-knowledge has been made evident through her powerfully defiant music. co-written and co-produced by close friend andrew james, 'love me alone' is available to stream on all platforms here.

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