tarragon // 'follow the sign'

singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist callum pickard, aka tarragon, has shared the first works of an exciting new endeavour.

following four years as a deliveroo driver to fund his passions, the coventry artist will release an eleven-track album this year, and has worked to recruit a host of exciting collaborators, including robbie bennett and dave hartley from the war on drugs, taylor swift and bon iver drummer jt bates, the 1975's saxophonist john waugh, and many more.

the album's lead single, 'follow the sign', was released today, and features tenor sax from john helliwell of supertramp. a lush number packed with shimmering guitar, thoughtful melodies and a rich sense of nostalgia, the track undeniably makes for a promising and impressive debut.

"most of my songs are borne from personal experience and 'follow the sign' is no exception," pickard explains. "my sister was diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and she has been so strong and determined in the face of it, never letting it get her down. she truly is an inspiration to me."

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