ted jasper // 'too worried'

cornwall-raised and london-based producer and multi-instrumentalist ted jasper has released a new single from his upcoming EP, 'equinox'. as both a house dj/producer as well as a songwriter, jasper creates music with a unique and compelling intermingling of jazz, hip-hop and downtempo house, and his new release is no exception. 'too worried' is a mellow track that fuses jazzy production with warm, lo-fi guitar loops and rhythms. check out the song's visualiser here:

"I loved writing this...I was recording in such a cramped space in London I had to keep shuffling around to stay comfortable, all those shuffles made this warm percussive sound that became super important for the rhythm of the track"

ted jasper's 'equinox' ep is a collection of five tracks that find the perfect middle ground between the artist's life as a club dj and his recent endeavours into song-based material. allowing the time of year to influence his songwriting, 'equinox' is a cohesive project with themes and textures of winter instilled in each track. the ep will be out on march 6 via au contraire.

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