treasure // 'suffocation & air'

following the success of his debut self-titled album in 2019, london-born artist treasure has released a nine-track EP focused on self-acceptance and love in all forms. entitled 'suffocation & air', the release is an enchanting collection of songs oozing with dreamy pop melodies, hazy synthscapes and 80's tinged falsetto. listen here:

with haunting vocals and glittering instrumentals, opening track 'you & i' relates the artist's struggle of expressing emotions and regaining freedom in his life after trauma. 'more' follows as another standout track, showcasing funky rhythms and twangy guitars as the artist speaks on the materialistic world we live in in which we are always wanting more. "i've come from a working class family so when i started earning all i could think of was spending money on material goods because that's what everyone else was doing. little did i know that no amount of material could fill the void," said treasure.

"i've always struggled to fit in and can't find my place in this industry or world even, but i'm okay with that. music is my way of protesting my unapologetic individuality."

drawing inspiration from artists like frank ocean, choker and homeshake, treasure's distinctive take on indie rock and soul in 'suffocation & air' acts as an exploration of the lessons and struggles he has encountered throughout his life, utilising dark, moody tones and heartfelt lyrics filled with vulnerability and self-discovery.

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